Rick Maurer, author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance and other books on leadership and change, developed the Energy Bar™ as a free tool to help people in organizations get their ideas across in ways that get people committed and engaged. RickRick has advised leaders from many countries on ways to apply this new tool successfully.


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Does this describe you?
I’m part of an executive or planning team that is in charge of a critically important project. It has to succeed – but, I’m worried.
In the past, we failed to excite and engage people in major changes, and we paid a big price for that.
And, I am crazy-busy. Lots of time pressures and deadlines. I’d like to get people on board, but where’s the time for that?

A big gap in energy can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars (or a lot more!) in lost opportunity, poor performance, turnover, errors, and growing cynicism.

Recent studies indicate that many new projects go almost 200% over budget. And 30% will be cancelled before they ever get completed. . . And the failure rate for all projects in organizations is actually getting worse!

You’ve got a choice. You can keep on doing what you’ve always done and probably get the same results, or you could try something different.

The Good News

It is a myth that participation needs to take more time. In fact, more active engagement may make things go faster with fewer “resistance to change” set-backs.

There is often a big gap between the energy you need and the energy you are likely to get for a project. That’s where The Energy Lab comes in. The Energy Lab will help you determine what support or resistance you are likely to get – and why!

With that knowledge, you can begin to shift how you work with people during big projects so that those projects are completed faster, smarter, and with better results.

For example, many corporate planning meetings are mind-numbing affairs where no one leaves with energy for much of anything. Sound familiar?

You can almost see the wasted time and money oozing out of those meeting rooms. But what if those meetings were designed to address people’s real concerns and excitement right up front? They could be, if every planning session or conference call or town hall meeting was used as an opportunity to shift from the energy you would otherwise get to the energy you need to finally succeed.

How does the Energy Lab work?

Deep preparation

The Energy Lab Assessment
Critical Challenges
Goal Setting
Customize Agenda

The Energy Lab

Introduce The Energy Bar™
Pinpoint Gaps in Energy
Develop, Test and Revise Strategies
Create the Game Plan

Follow up and sustainability

Track Performance
Regular Reviews and Refreshers
Adapt and Update Strategies
On-Call Coaching

What Sets The Energy Lab Apart?

It is fully customizable and scalable to fit your organization and your unique challenges.
The Energy Lab builds on the ways of leading projects or major changes that you are already using. You don’t need to learn a time-consuming new “change management” approach.
The Energy Lab gives you the tools and guidance to get people rapidly focused on exactly what needs to be done.
The Energy Lab is designed to shift your mindset. In the past, you may have looked at resistance as a challenge. The Energy Lab turns it into an opportunity because it focuses on embracing the challenge, building a firm foundation for moving ahead, and capitalizing on your organization’s emotional and operational intelligence.
We use a lab approach. The Energy Lab is a safe place to practice, observe, plan, and test your ideas.
You will develop strategies you can use tomorrow morning and create strategies that are sustainable for the long-term.
And, follow-up is baked in. I am only a phone call away to make sure you get on track and stay on track.

Is The Energy Lab a Good Fit For You?

It takes a certain mindset to do it right. People who consistently do a great job of building strong support for major projects, realize that they need to be willing to be influenced by the very people they want to influence. (Not everyone can – or even wants to – do that.

You may recall a famous CEO who was given the unflattering nickname, “Chainsaw Al”. He would not be a good fit for my approach!)

The Energy Lab is exclusively for leaders and their teams who want to get better at the human part of change.

Get started with a free assessment and download a copy of my checklist: The Five Things That Can Kill An Otherwise Great Project