Rick Maurer, author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance and other books on leadership and change, developed the Energy Bar™ as a free tool to help people in organizations get their ideas across in ways that get people committed and engaged. RickRick has advised leaders from many countries on ways to apply this new tool successfully.


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Introduction to the Energy Bar™ Solutions


The Energy Bar™ is a tool you can access for free and begin to use right away. Please watch the video below and take the 2-minute assessment. Those two resources may be all the help that you need.

There are other helpful resources in the Energy Bar Resource Center. Some people have asked for more. Here are the three main services I offer.

1:1 Consulting

All of my work with individuals is focused on two questions:

  • How do you build support for your ideas?
  • How do you work effectively when people resist you?

There are three options for these 1:1 sessions: a set of 5 to 10 sessions, retainer, or ad hoc.

Some like regularly scheduled meetings (usually via Skype or some similar service). Others prefer a retainer relationship where they can call me any time with burning issues or challenges. And, occasionally people who already know a little about my approach to change and resistance, like to schedule a single call to talk about a challenge facing them.

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I think of you as a "Thought Partner." Remembering our call a few weeks ago, you always show up ready to play with new ideas, bring in your own thoughts and experiences, and toss around what-ifs.
Elizabeth Roll
Sandia National Labs


I offer presentations on the topics of leadership, influence, and change. That includes keynotes, breakout sessions or half-day workshops. All of the presentation options are developed in partnership with my clients. I work closely with the planning group to ensure the program addresses exactly what you need.

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After hearing Rick’s presentation, we revamped the entire change management agenda for training leaders in our company.
Linda Pardo
Shell Deep Water Development

The Energy Lab

You’ve got a choice. You can keep on doing what you’ve always done and probably get the same results, or you could try something different. The Energy Lab is the core of my work. It is a program exclusively for executives and planning teams who must create strong buy-in for their projects or new initiatives. The lab is fully customizable and scalable to fit your organization and your unique challenges.

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Change is inevitable. Maurer goes beyond the philosophy of Change Management to actually help people identify resistance to change and then teach them tools to overcome it. His tools have been used extensively by Lockheed Martin to drive change successfully across a multitude of processes and products with tangible savings.
S.K. Gupta
SVP Operations, Lockheed Martin

If any of these services interest you, please give me a call. Thanks.

Rick Maurer
703 525-7074
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.