Rick Maurer, author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance and other books on leadership and change, developed the Energy Bar™ as a free tool to help people in organizations get their ideas across in ways that get people committed and engaged. RickRick has advised leaders from many countries on ways to apply this new tool successfully.


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You need support but don’t know where people are today


A question mark as a score is critically important. If you need people to be interested (a score of 4), willing to try something (5), or be strong supporters (6), you’ve got to find out where there energy is today. Without that vital information, you are inviting trouble.

I have seen many leaders introduce big and small ideas using a one-size-fits-all strategy as a way to influence them. Unless that textbook solution happens to fit where this stakeholder’s energy is, it’s probably going to fail.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Find out where their energy is today in three areas where their energy could signal support or resistance.
    • Level I: Do they get what you’re talking about or not?
    • Level II: Are they reacting emotionally in a positive way (interest, willingness, strong support) or are their reactions based on fear (grumbling, opposition)?
    • Level III: Do they have trust and confidence in you (and who you represent) or not?
  • If you’re not sure how to find out the answers, please watch the video titled “The List”. Finding out what’s on the list is something I recommend to all of my clients. The video will show you how the list works.
  • Then read The Magic List which offers blueprint for the process I describe in the video. (see link below)
  • Once you know where their energy is today, then complete The Energy Bar™ assessment again to read my suggestions for that particular score.


Why Resistance Matters This is a short paper that covers the three major reasons why people either support us – or resist us. More

The Magic List. A free e-book that will help you identify why people might be resisting you, and show you how to build on the support you do have and work effectively with whatever resistance you are facing. More

Tips on Working with the Three Levels of Resistance. A short article that explains why people support or resist us. More

The Energy Bar™ Group
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